Bohemianism, the word itself evokes a bold and unconventional patterns, textile, and life that remind one of the adventurers, wanderers, and hippie movement that is very popular since the late nineteenth century. A counter-culture that originated in France among the people who were Romani, this word appeared in the English language during19th century for describing the non-traditional lifestyle of improvised journalists, writers, actors, and artists among the others. Traditionally, the bohemians were associated with anti-establishment social or political viewpoints that are expressed through frugality, free love, and voluntary poverty.

The bohemian lifestyle became famous with the origin of San Francisco during the 1960s; the hippie movement questioned the basic structure of the society with its idea of wealth. They also propagated the merits of a life that are free from civil taboos and restrictions. In addition, they also promote the idea of self-realization, find new ways to life itself, and escape the pressure of society. Some elements that are included in hippie, gypsy, and bohemian fashion are as follows –

  • Loose and flowing hairs
  • Loose and flowing clothing that is made from natural fabrics
  • Less, restrictive garments that are worn without undergarments, corsets or any other restrictive elements
  • Instead of belt, use of colorful scarves at the waist, head or at the neck
  • Peasant-style clothing that includes sandals, boots, loose trousers, and tunics. 
  • Use of second-hand or worn clothing
  • Mixing of historical elements of medieval clothing with various ethnic styles
  • Use of oriental elements that includes kimonos, robes, and incorporation of Chinese, Turkish, Indian, and Persian designs in clothing
  • Customizing of the layering of the clothes
  • Mix and matching of garments in a non-traditional manner such as unusual color combinations or mixing prints
  • Wearing large hoop or large dangle earrings
  • Use of various bangle bracelets, unusual, unmatched or hand crafted jewelry and multi-strands of beads.


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